Our regular look at Salesforce Commerce Cloud this week gives you a brief overview of Collections - a new feature in Einstein Labs.

What is it?

Collections are where you can build just that - collections of items utilising Einstein's data to tell you what could be good to have in the collection. You can build up collections by going category first or product first and then adding product from your different categories.

For instance, I pick one of a client's most popular t-shirts and then ask Einstein to recommend me items from the accessories, shorts and hats categories to complement that t-shirt and then pick which I believe are the best from the results, forming a collection.

Why do I care?

While you can't actually use the created collections right now (I have asked when and how this will come about) it's good to have a nosy at these features now as we know they will make an appearance in a future release. We can then add the collections to the storefront easily and it will take the pain out of creating manual product sets like we need to currently on Commerce Cloud (well, some people do!).

What do I need to know?

To enable this feature a site admin has to turn it on for other users inside labs. The best next step would be to watch this video on xChange.

If you want to know more you can email me and I will be happy to answer your questions without any need to worry about getting sold to or chased: just here to help.

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