Chris is first up, having been asked to speak at the Future of Web Design Conference in London on 16th May. Featuring a mixture of workshops and presentations by well-respected industry figures, Chris has been selected to take part in FOWD’s Rising Star programme. Find out more here. Rob is speaking at the very successful Bolesworth Business Lunch on Friday 1st June, part of the Bolesworth Classic weekend. Find out more here. He will then be sharing his knowledge at a business breakfast on 14th June, hosted by Forward Ladies networking group, where he will present his ‘10 tips to improve your website and grow your business’ seminar, which has already benefited many organisations. Find out more here.

To complete the triumvirate, Adrian will be presenting with Olivia Stefanino of Be Your Own Guru at the 27th June meeting of The Chester Business Network. They’ll provide helpful hints, tips and techniques on making the recession an opportunity to take stock, investigate what’s working and stop what’s not. Both Adrian and Olivia take the view that if through their learning AND their previous mistakes, they can make your journey more successful, more quickly, then their work is done!  Find out more here.

You may also be interested in learning from a recent UK Fast roundtable that Adrian attended at Richard Branson’s London Kensington Roof Gardens, where industry experts discussed the digital revolution. Visit our YouTube channel here and subscribe as Rob will be taking part in another UKFast round table in a couple of weeks about Cookie Law which will be really useful.