Having previously had the opportunity to walk over fire at a Tony Robbins event, my belief was there was only one way to walk fire and that is quickly and with vigour. However, last Friday I had the opportunity to change that belief by attending an event whereby we went through a training session which put us in an extremely relaxed state. Walking the fire feeling at peace was an amazing feeling; so much so that we all went back round for 3 more walks over the burning fire.

This set me wondering the other day when I was with a new client who said he was happy to grow his business with referrals and that the website would never really pull any new business. I responded politely by suggesting that it could be a limiting belief of his and that if the referral route was kept as it was, the marketing route could be enhanced by a really well-created and of course updated website that helps to pull new enquiries. Beliefs can be changed if you want them to be, and when it comes to your marketing it's sometimes hard to imagine another route. My advice is to open your mind and try something different, certainly in these times.

Try things differently, guided by professionals, and who knows where you will get to with your new beliefs.