Our relationships with brands are often complex, but certain aspects ring true for everyone. We like our brands the same way we like our friends – honest and reliable. If your brand doesn’t deliver on its promises or is inconsistent, your customers could soon be hunting around for a new ‘friend’. Nowhere is this more important than in ecommerce. If you’re going to ask people to enter their credit card details into your site, you better build trust quickly and sorting your brand out is an essential part of this.

Take a look at your site; go on, bring it up in a window next to this email.

  • Is it clear at a glance what sets you apart from your competitors and why people should buy from you, in other words where you’re positioned in the market?
  • Can you deliver what your brand promises – e.g. if you’ve positioned your brand as offering the best value in the market, are you REALLY offering the best value?
  • Does everything on your site have the same personality, does it all feel cohesive, are all the photos the same style and quality, does all the copy speak with the same tone of voice?
  • Does your logo appear consistently throughout the site, with regards colours, sizes and proportions?
  • Is the brand you portray on your ecommerce site consistent with everywhere else a customer might encounter it – in-store, social media, advertising, direct mail/email?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, congratulations, you have a brand that should inspire trust. If not, you’re in danger of losing sales to a competitor who customers trust more.