So your business is different, but why? You do some stuff and you sell it, that's what all businesses do, right? So when I ask some people, “How successful is your marketing at driving new business?” they respond with, “I don't believe in websites or FaceTwitter or LinkedIn, we just get referrals. We just need something to showcase what we do.”

There's a much better solution to gaining more of the right business, would you like to know what the secret is? The answer is to go fishing. Imagine fishing with lots of rods in various lakes, when you notice where the fish are biting you then move your rods over to that area. Likewise in marketing, don't assume one way will work, test a number of different ways of marketing to see which works best for you and then start to concentrate on the areas that pull the best fish.

This, by the way doesn’t mean you have to give up your main route to market – referrals – instead this adds to your existing strategy and helps to drive new relevant business. How can you lose? You maintain what you were getting already and you increase it with targeted traffic from people you have never heard of. Everyone’s a winner.

All businesses right now must have at least five different ways to market their business and digital channels are by far the cheapest and most measurable route out there. If you still think your business is different, please contact me now for a free consultation. What have you got to lose, except the one that got away?