Founded in 1753, The British Museum is the first national public museum in the world. From the very beginning it has granted free admission to all 'studious and curious persons'.

With the exception of two World Wars, the museum has remained open ever since, gradually increasing its opening hours and visitor numbers from around 5,000 a year in the eighteenth century to nearly 7 million today.

The British Museum are now looking to capitalise on this audience of 7 million by growing their ecommerce offering, specifically increasing sales through their online shop as well as sales of exhibition guides and supporting merchandise.

Having worked on a similar project for Tate, and with extensive experience of the Venda platform which hosts the museum’s shop, The British Museum approached Blueleaf for their expertise. Blueleaf will help them ramp up eCommerce sales by improving the overall user experience. We’re extremely proud to be working with both these major institutions.

We have began the project by undertaking an in-depth review of the current user experience of the museum’s online shop. The Blueleaf team have identified areas for improvement, based on our research and evidence of where the customers are currently stumbling and dropping off and therefore not converting to a sale. The improvements suggested are to boost conversion and deliver greatly-increased ROI.

Jenny Lomax, Principal Strategist at Blueleaf said:

"We’re thrilled to be working with the team at British Museum on this project. With cuts to funding for museums, there is increasing pressure to increase revenue from all channels including eCommerce. We look forward to seeing the results from our recommendations to increase engagement and conversion."

The focus on this review is to increase the sales of products. If you would like to know more about why museums need to up their eCommerce game in general, then you may enjoy this article in Essential Retail. Jonathan Jones, eCommerce Manager at the British Museum and Chris Jones, UX Director at Blueleaf share their thoughts.