Having taken months to create, one of our very talented developers Hayden, is delighted to announce that he has now finished building the most amazing home for our latest recruit, Maureen Fishowski.

It all began when Scott, one of Project Directors, asked if we could have a Blueleaf pet.

After lengthy discussions, it was decided that fish would be the safest option and at this point, the Blueleaf mantra popped into Hayden's head,

"What would the best digital agency in the world do right now?"

Well, they would take home an old Mac G5 that was languishing in a cupboard, strip out the insides and make it into a fish tank, complete with a silent pump, LED lights and an LED display that can all be controlled remotely from an iPad. Not only that, but also build a bespoke app that reports water temperature and volume, allows remote users to send messages via the LED display, shows when the lid is open and allows users to set when the lights come on and off.

Maureen moved into her new home on Sunday and once she's settled in, will be joined by a friend or two in the next week. Visit our Facebook page for more information and to keep up to date with developments!