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They don’t call it Ironman for nothing. This challenge is not for the faint-hearted but luckily for us Adrian, tour de France rider, Lomas is anything but faint-hearted. On 21st August our sporting hero will tackle an epic Ironman triathlon route in picturesque Copenhagen.  

Sound “fun”? Here’s what it entails, along with some more details on the route:

It's a race involving a 2.4 miles (3.86 km) swim, swiftly followed by a 112 miles (180.25 km) bike ride, topped off with a marathon 26.22 miles (42.20 km). Yes, you read that correctly. 

You'll be able to track Adrian's progress live on the day. We won't have the details for this until the race numbers are issued on the day but fear not! We'll Tweet the details on @bltweets or we can send you a direct message. If you'd prefer the latter, let us know. Once you have the details you'll be able to track Adrian’s progress as he passes various milestones and iconic Copenhagen buildings. All from the comfort of your sofa, or maybe the pub.

So why’s Adrian doing all this, a personal goal? Pushing himself out his comfort zone? Madness? Probably all three but he’s also doing it for the remarkable Claire House charity. Blueleaf, driven by Adrian, have long-supported this wonderful charity. Claire House give care to children with life-limiting conditions and provide invaluable support to them and their families. 

We can’t think of a better reason to dip your hand into your pocket. If you agree, you can sponsor Adrian and support this wonderful charity on Adrian’s just giving page.

Or if you happen to be in Copenhagen, or are looking for an excuse to be in Copenhagen, why not pop along and cheer him on in person. You’ll be in good company with an estimated 150,000 cheering fans set to be supporting Adrian…oh and the other Ironman competitors. You can also follow Adrian on Twitter #IronmanAdrian

Inspired? If you're getting the Ironman bug, then visit the ironman website for more details on routes, dates and venues. It's worth a visit even if you're not quite ready for this epic challenge as it's packed with training and nutrition advice. Enjoy! 

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