Wow what a day! Over 1,800 students and 70 agencies nationwide took part in the BIMA DDay or Digital Day which took place on 10th October 2012. It was a day for schools and their students to get involved with the digital industry by:

  • Participating in D-Day challenges
  • Learning what our industry does through videos from top agencies
  • Finding out about the careers and opportunities that digital has to offer
  • Meeting digital professionals through agency/school tie up
  • Winning prizes if the entry to the BIMA competition is selected for the shortlist
  • Winning the top prize and becoming the BIMA School's Digital Champion

The reaction on Twitter was amazing (including No10 and X Factor!), the photos fantastic, the blog posts brilliant and the day also had coverage on BBC South Today and BBC Radio Jersey. The Drum ran a live blog with comments from across the country - one agency managed to organise a visit from Orange who also brought goody bags!

Blueleaf were lucky enough to be partnered with Upton-by-Chester High School, so we sent along our very own Chris Jones, Creative Director and Rob Smith, Strategy Director.

There was a great mix of students from IT, business and design. Just like agency life! The group was aged 16-18 and they were put into mixed teams to offer varied skills to get the most out of the group. They tackled the mobile challenge and came up with some unique app ideas for future technology, most of which seemed to involve licking devices!

We had three teams who eventually narrowed down a single idea each and then expanded it, working on details such as name, content, layout, inputs and outputs. Here's a quick summary of the three ideas:

Group 1 – My Lickable GP

Group 1 created a mobile application that provides all the information needed to diagnose and offer solutions to cure an illness. When the device is licked, using future technology, the app analyses saliva and provides a diagnosis. It has the capability to cure shakes caused by Parkinsons disease and is socially enabled so that you know where the next outbreak of Chicken Pox is and therefore to keep clear!

Group 2 – My Uni App

Group 2 created an app to help university students living away from home for the first time. It allows easy access to their finances, providing budgets and up to date balances. If you’re cooking for the first time, it has a library of cheap and easy recipes and a state of the art heat imaging camera so that you can make sure your food is fully cooked. You can access your course timetable and know instantly if there has been any changes. Most importantly, it lists all the best student nights and events and you can even book a hair appointment so you can look your best!

Group 3 – Curu, the conversation guru

Group 3 created an app for anyone who struggles in social situations by supplying conversation for any eventuality. The app has a library of conversations that can be accessed via mobile devices, or via the specially designed Curu earpiece. It can help with speeches, ice-breakers, debates or emergency situations to name just a few. The app also allows the user to add or edit conversations easily and change settings. You may choose to voice activate the earpiece to ensure that the conversation runs smoothly!

They were really receptive students who are clearly growing up with digital as part of their everyday lives. It made us excited for the future of our industry and we’re prepared to admit that we learnt from the students too. The event was a great success and we're looking forward to being involved again in the future.