We're always focused on delivering results here at Blueleaf, so we're celebrating the success of our recent site for Laura Ashley. It is currently providing them with £10 turnover for every £1 they spent with us developing the site and it has only been online since June this year. Our MD, Adrian Lomas takes up the story:

"Aesthetically pleasing is a term often used to describe poorly designed websites that fail to achieve the real objectives or communicate the purpose of the clients that commission them and designers who lack the ability and pragmatic approach required to deliver results will find themselves out in the cold in an increasingly competitive industry where clients demand a better return on their investment.

Aesthetically pleasing is just not enough anymore. Clients want results that can be measured on the bottom line, not just pretty pictures. Yet we still have so-called professionals using aesthetics as an excuse for websites that simply don't do what the client wants them to do which is to make money. Aesthetics are important, but not at the expense of functionality, effective communication and hence results.

Our industry has changed dramatically since Blueleaf started ten years ago and we have moved with the times. That's why we can confidently say our websites always achieve their objectives and why clients such as Laura Ashley are achieving £10 turnover for every £1 they spend with us. For any business, getting an excellent return on investment is what it's all about.

The web has developed dramatically in recent years, but we believe this medium still has a long way to go and a great deal more to offer the world of commerce. That's why we spend time and money developing new concepts that will make our websites more effective. Like many others, our industry is evolving at a rate of knots and websites need to deliver both brand experience and commercial results."