Having recently graduated from university I found myself in the scary world of work. I knew I wanted to go into marketing as a career. I was however, met by one stumbling block, having no hands on work experience meant it wasn’t an easy task getting a foot in the door. That’s where Blueleaf became my saviour! I started my work experience on Monday and I was more than pleased when I entered the office on Monday morning not only by the modern decor (especially the pod!) but by the friendliness of the staff. My week consisted of many varied jobs from doing account management work with Sarah such as seeing how projects are managed from start to finish, to attending ‘The Power of Retail Engagement’ event at the Imperial War Museum that Blueleaf’s cheerleader Deb had organised. Not only did it mean I was never bored but it also gave me some invaluable experience from some of the best in the industry.

Thank you Blueleaf for giving me the opportunity to come join your team for a week!

Claire Maher (BA Management & Economics 2.1)