What a great Christmas bonus, rewarding the hard work done at Blueleaf throughout 2009 – we’re delighted to have been selected to be in the Top 100 list for marketing agencies outside of London, appearing in the list for the first time at number 83. So how is it ranked? RAR (Recommended Agency Register) is an impartial company that collates loads of data on agencies, they are seen as the best resource nationally to find out how an agency ticks. The pre-cursor for entry in the Top 100 is that businesses must deliver a high-level of customer satisfaction. This measure is based on the RAR process of client references and companies must receive a high rating from a minimum of three client references. The ratings are across pre-defined criteria including client service, creativity and value for money. Only agencies which pass this quality threshold make it into the Recommended Agency Register and only these agencies are then invited to appear in the Top 100. A ranking process is then applied to these figures which looks at agencies in five ways:

  • By turnover
  • By percentage turnover growth
  • By gross profit
  • By gross profit growth
  • By turnover per head of staff

Every company was ranked according to that particular criteria and from all of these rankings an average rank was assigned to each company - that is where they finished on the final list of the top 100. Complicated maybe, however it seems to give a good reflection rather than just ranking on brute size. I would just like to thank the team at Blueleaf for helping make this achievement and hope that through 2010 we can help even more companies with their own marketing success.