news/news-sterilox-large.jpg Puricore are a team of experts dedicated to this very issue, determinedly working to develop innovative technology to limit the spread of infectious diseases across many industries. Their pioneering equipment was first put to use in the medical industries with the introduction of the Sterilox Endoscope system. Endoscopy provides a particular challenge in the medical profession as each stage of the process has associated risks and through their years of innovation, Puricore have developed a system that is safer, faster acting and more effective than any other on the market.

But as with all new technology, moving away from the traditional way of doing things is always going to encounter resistance - Puricore came to Blueleaf with this in mind to help them overcome this challenge. By developing promotional leaflets for the British Society of Gastroenterology conference, we were able to convey just exactly how Sterilox is used to disinfect endoscopes compared to traditional methods and promote the key benefit of minimising issues of health and safety.

The promotional leaflets had a great impact at the exhibition - by partnering with Blueleaf and through proper promotion, Puricore can ensure that more patients get treated more safely and more reliably.