The team at Blueleaf have been working on a new platform, launched this week, which has been built to host the Red Bull World Series events; X-Fighters, Cliff Diving, Crashed Ice and possibly others moving forward. The existing sites for these events needed re-skinning every year to keep them fresh and the current content managed system was limiting functionality so the platform was conceived to be a flexible solution, to suit several World Series events.

The design of the platform is light and simple with very few graphic elements, almost an 'Anti-design' ethos, where editor-controlled content in multiple languages, is the star. Social media has been 'baked in' encouraging interaction at article level which is all the more important as the platform allows site changes during the events to show live TV coverage, results as they happen and other data direct from the venue.

Relevant content and language are controlled via 'Skews', based on the location and preferences of the visitor and most importantly, the platform is suitable for multiple devices, using responsive technology.

So with live voting, live coverage, up to the minute results, relevant content in multiple languages, and social interaction on a huge scale based on location, Red Bull has allowed any visitor, whether in the stadium or at home to take part in the event and feel part of the experience. Team Blueleaf are very excited to be able to help such a cool brand!

You can view the site here.


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