As you know we’re hot on events here at Blueleaf. We feel there’s nothing like face-to-face contact, except maybe face-to-face contact with a beer, or a chocolate brownie if it’s too early for a beer.  We’ve run some great events recently and have more in the pipeline, so our Events Manager Kate wants to give you an update on what’s keeping her busy.

Over to Kate...

Digital Garden Party

It’s hard to have a favourite event. They become like children or pets and each hold their own merits. Sometimes the food's great,  the sun shines or you're lucky enough to get chatting to someone extremely interesting. With all that said, I feel this month’s Garden Party was our best Garden Party yet. So many people attended either on their own or with their team and some of you made a huge effort to come over from Manchester - in taxis, which feels very  rock ‘n’ roll.

There was a fantastic debate about brand loyalty in the sometimes fickle world of online retail. Thanks to Sarah Cross from uber and Jane Harrad-Roberts from Marketing PRojects for a very well-considered debate on a topic that’s obviously close to our hearts and for the first time, the debate continued after the gong with some audience participation (ahem).

Adrian (Blueleaf CEO) and I were really pleased by the sense of community - it sounds a bit cheesy, but the event felt like it was for everyone and not simply a Blueleaf event. We’re exploring ways to make this even stronger. Perhaps short advice-based talks and more people promoting their own events and challenges - on that note, here is some more information about the charity cycling challenge that Callum from Reckless mentioned. If you have any ideas on what would really make this event work for you, maybe things you've seen go down well at other events, then please let me know.

I also want to say a huge thanks to our sponsors; without them, we wouldn’t be able to make the event complimentary (come on, the free wine and beer certainly adds something!). I’m sure you’ll agree both Shortlist Recruitment and Melbourne Hosting really add flare, so a huge thanks on behalf of us all.


DigiBix is our retailers-only event. We’ve covered a host of topics including User Experience, International Ecommerce, Content vs Commerce and an event at the end of this month will cover The Future of Ecommerce.

We’re learning so much through this event. As well as learning from our speakers, we’re hearing where people are struggling, where there’s confusion in the world of online retail and what’s got everyone in a fluster. Due to this, we’re choosing topics and speakers that can help with the challenges faced and it’s exciting to be delivering something that’s genuinely valuable.

Sorry, we are strict about DigiBix being retailers-only, but if you’re a retailer and you fancy getting involved in either attending or speaking then please let me know. We’re always looking to grow the DigiBix community and we always want to hear from talented speakers. 

Thanks for your support and I really hope to see you at one of our events soon.