This September, Blueleaf ran two very different events - DigiBix and the Digital Garden Party. With lots more events in the pipeline, we caught up with marketing manager, Kate Welch to find out what these events are for, who attends and what’s coming up… Kate, tell us a little more about DigiBix

DigiBix is a series of events designed exclusively for ecommerce professionals. We’re running sessions every three months and each session will cover a different element of ecommerce.  September was the first one, which is always nerve-wracking, but I’m pleased to say it was a huge success.

How do you choose the topics?


We want the attendees to help shape this so we’re listening to what people want to learn about and where they’re struggling. Then we secure speakers who can help, usually people from brands who’ve been through it themselves. However, it’s not just about the speakers. I was blown away to have Fat Face, Bally, Joseph, Tesco and Ralph Lauren, among others, attend. When they were talking in the break I could see there was a lot of value in that.

When’s the next one?

January 22nd, 9-11am at the Soho Hotel in London and it's about online payments. Among other things, attendees will hear from international brands who've recently reviewed their payment processes. We'll explore how much revenue ecommerce businesses can lose if they don't integrate their payment processes into their marketing strategy. We're really focused on keeping it a sales-free environment so it's invite only, but if you're interested in attending please let me know

So onto the Digital Garden Party, what’s that all about?


Well the Garden Party is the other side of the coin - it’s basically a chance for people who work in digital to share a drink. It’s designed to be fun more than anything and it’s not a “work thing” but I have to say, I met a lot of people at the last one (over 100 people attended) who’d made valuable connections at the do.  It is amazing to see how much gets done over a drink and a canapé. We hold it at the Oddfellows hotel in the centre of Chester and get attendees from all over the North West.

Will there be another one?

September’s Garden Party was our second one so we’d love to keep the momentum going and run another around December…watch this space. I’d also like to sneak in a thank you to our sponsors, Giles from ShortList and The Warrington School of Business; their support is what’s enabling us to keep this going.

Finally, what’s in the pipeline?

We’ve been blown away with the support we get for the Garden Party, so we’ve decided to run something similar in London. It’ll be a great chance for us to build up the community around our Soho office.  We’re running our first ‘Jibber Jabber’ - a drinks event in central London - this November. Please get in touch for details, you don’t have to be London-based to come along.