We’re continuing to buck the trend of a shrinking economy here at The Old Barn by winning several new projects this month.

The variety of wins reflects our diverse experience and expertise, with new work for a range of clients in different industry sectors. Recent wins include:

  • Rebranding Bowdon Homes, a specialist construction company who build bespoke, one-off homes worth millions. The creative team are looking forward to creating a tactile brand that reflects the exceptionally high quality of materials and workmanship that Bowdon are synonymous with
  • Design and development of a new website for Midlands based law firm and debt recovery specialists, Coltman Warner Cranston. Their existing site has not been updated for several years, so the Blueleaf team have been commissioned to breath new life into their offering
  • Branding and web development for a start-up chalet rental company, based in Chamonix. Offering unique local knowledge and a very high degree of personal service, this project will start with creating a name for the company, through to branding, design, website and e-marketing

This all goes to show that even during harder times, there is always room for the best agencies to grow.