It was fantastic to read in the Retail Week Knowledge Base this week that Laura Ashley's ecommerce offer continues to exceed expectations. The Knowledge Base, for those not au fait with it, is compiled and regularly updated by Retail Week. It is a synopsis of the top 50 UK retailers, detailing performance indicators. What is so brilliant is that it clearly shows the dramatic rise in online sales after Blueleaf's help. The report says, "the management challenge has been for overall home shopping sales to resume growing, with the e-commerce element very much leading the way. This has been effectively achieved, with online sales growing from £10.3m in 2007/08 to £22.1m in 2009/10 and £32.0m in 2010/11- some 12.5% of the group’s UK retail sales in that year. The rapid growth in online sales has continued over the first half of 2011/12 as noted below."

It goes on to say that during 2010/2011, online sales were up 45%. We are delighted for Laura Ashley to be performing so well in these tough times and rather proud of our involvement in helping them to achieve such fantastic results!

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