I’m not normally one to bang on about myself, preferring instead to talk about what we achieve for our clients. I believe in a Stephen Covey saying, “Seek first to understand, before being understood” – great book by the way, “Seven Habits Of Successful People” – however there is occasionally a need to break the rules, so excuse me for a moment... WE WON!!! Yes, OK, it’s Investors In People (IIP), nothing too unusual you may say, however the very experienced assessor commented, “Blueleaf is the best company I have assessed and is worthy of going for the Gold standard in one leap, which no other company has achieved.”

There’s many reasons for this I believe, however it’s primarily about the culture. Since I set the business up in 1999, I’ve been a firm advocate of allowing people flexibility. If you have family troubles, go home and sort them. If you do your own bits of freelance work, use the office facilities to help. If we go out as a team then the company should pay. There are many small things that on their own may not mean much, but combined, I’m so proud that IIP have recognised what a difference this makes to all of us here.

As my role within the business has developed, I’ve realised I’m pretty good at a number of things, but not excellent at any one thing. This taught me to hire people who are better than me and I’ve since surrounded myself with outstandingly talented and passionate people in specialist areas. This is why we have gained such a great result with Investors In People.

One area that was identified where Blueleaf clearly stands out, is the consultancy we provide. We’re not in the game of just delivering websites or email marketing tools. Instead we support, help and lead people in business to achieve their goals, using the right tools at the right time. For example, if culture or operations are needed to be changed first within a company we advise on this, so the marketing campaigns generate a better response overall and the individuals achieve more.

Quick word to the Blueleaf team – thank you. Really outstanding job.