We won't name and shame the company involved but the story goes like this. The forum in question is a popular car forum where people discuss different garages and the work they have had done at them. One day, a forum member had a bad experience with one particular garage, so wrote all about it - the poor quality of the work, bad customer service and on it went. Of course people replied to put forward their views as well and suddenly there was a lot of content creating bad sentiment.

Now that on its own probably isn't too bad as it's just one forum right? As we know though, Google gets everywhere and within four days of all this content appearing, a quick search on the company's name revealed this forum post high up on page one. Talk about a conversion blocker! This kind of sentiment will easily put off a lot of people from even visiting the website in the first place.

Unfortunately the company decided to take legal action to the forums involved (adding fuel to the fire) instead of trying to help and rectify the situation. After all it's what you do in a bad situation that counts.

So what's the tip in this little tirade? The tip is to monitor your online reputation. Regularly Google your company name and do a search for your name on Twitter. Make sure that your brand and the conversations being had about your brand are of the right sentiment and address any flash points you find. Not by legal action but by good customer service.

The internet can be your greatest friend and simultaneously your worst enemy - the worst thing you can do though is nothing.