Have you ever thought about the companies with whom you associate and how this reflects on your organisation? At Blueleaf, we’re very proud to be associated with all the companies that we work with as we’re confident that they have a great reputation and share the same values and culture as we do and so will treat our clients with the same outstanding service. The reason for this week’s tip is due to an experience with a group buying site. This company has to associate with lots of suppliers to keep providing offers and deals that their customers will want to buy, but what happens when the customer has a bad experience from the end supplier? Very often they will associate this with the company they’ve bought the voucher from and be left with a bad impression.

So, only associate yourself with companies that reflect well on your organisation – it’s too risky to endanger your reputation at the hands of someone else.

If you’d like advice on how to build the right associations for your company, then call Adrian Lomas or Rob Smith on 01829 260 600 or email adrian@blue-leaf.co.uk or rob@blue-leaf.co.uk.