Rob Smith, Blueleaf's Strategy Director, shows you how to check whether your website images are being used on Pinterest... For a quick introduction to Pinterest, please click here to watch my video showing you the basic features.

This tip is for those of you with websites that have a lot of images and want to see if any of them are being used on Pinterest, as it has an easy way of tracking the source (or website) that an image was pinned from. As an example, one of our great clients Laura Ashley is reasonably popular on this burgeoning social network and you can see what images have been pinned by following the links below.

Simply go directly to the URL below, replacing [WEB ADDRESS] with your website's address[WEB ADDRESS]

So for example, Laura Ashley have two (one for fashion, one for home):

It's just a quick and easy way to see how your images are being used and gives you some information to indicate whether it may be worth interacting with the network further.

Laura Ashley images on Pinterest

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