Have you ever placed web banner ads? What kind of response did you get? Were you disappointed or did they meet your expectations? Solve Media, who place squillions of banner ads on behalf of their clients, have calculated that you’re more likely to win the lottery or die in a plane crash than you are to click on a banner ad. So surely they’re a waste of valuable marketing budget?

Not necessarily. It’s all about expectations. Click through rates might be low – typically 0.03%, with only a small percentage of those actually converting to sales – but that’s not the whole story. To expect a click through and an instant sale from a banner ad is akin to expecting someone who sees an Audi ad on TV to drive straight to their nearest dealership and buy one.

As with other advertising channels, banner ads are just as much about lodging your message and brand in the consumer’s mind as they are about making an instant sale, so you shouldn’t necessarily be put off by low click through rates. Make your banners memorable and they can be an effective way of communicating with your target audience, especially when they’re part of an integrated multi-channel campaign.

Here endeth the lesson from Blueleaf.