Until now, Apple Pay, Apple’s fingerprint-driven payment service, has only been available for apps but they've been telling partners that within the next 6 months, it'll be available for web browsers too. 

This is a huge announcement because it means that the great majority of ecommerce sites that don’t have apps, will be able to take advantage. It’s a big advantage too. If your site has significant iOS traffic, which most of our clients do, it will significantly short circuit the mobile checkout process.

It could literally take people straight from the basket page to 'order complete' with a fingerprint because it contains shipping information as well as the saved bank card details. For anyone who has been dying to make their mobile checkout shorter and faster, you can see the huge benefits that will come from this.

What will you need to do to get it? Well on the consumer side, they’ll have to be using the Safari browser (not Chrome or other popular ones). This is typical Apple, they do this so it remains in their ecosystem. On the retailer's side, it will depend on your current payment provider and their ability to innovate quickly and adopt new platforms. Growing providers like Adyen were one of the first to launch Apple Pay through their service so I’d be surprised if they weren’t fast again. When the details become more concrete, I’d get on the phone to your payment provider.

This is big news! So if you have any questions or thoughts on this topic, please pop them in the comments below or shoot us an email, we'd love to talk.