They don’t call it Black Friday for nothing. Great for shoppers but if you’re a retailer, with less than 24 hours to go, you may be hiding in a cupboard or booking extra security.

Rather than join you in the cupboard, we’re celebrating the anti-Black Friday prograde with some of the best examples of sales-boosting Christmas campaigns from 2015 that shunned Black Friday altogether - and dare we say, produced pretty impressive campaigns in the process. 

Breathe, relax and maybe consider opting out next year?

Fat Face

Our Managing Director, Rob Smith is a particular fan of how Fat Face tackled Black Friday in 2015.  They really turned the concept on its head and reminded us of the real message of Christmas - which isn’t a celebration of how cheap we got our mini iPad.

Fat Face took the bold decision not to discount on Black Friday. They have a fantastically-popular, quality brand so really, they didn’t need to offer hefty discounts. But they didn’t do this to line their own pockets. They donated the money they saved from not discounting to charity.

What’s more, they put the power in the hands of the stores so the activity was managed at a local level.  Each store picked a charity that mattered to them and their community, meaning the store and the shoppers were fully behind the project. Here’s an article about what the Totnes branch of FatFace did with their money and the Cribbs Causeway store.  

We're feeling all warm and fuzzy - some wonderful and deserving charities got a boost, as did Fat Face's brand kudos. Well done!

Fat Face Black Friday Email.jpg


Woman’s fashion brand, Jigsaw took a similar approach with their ‘Black Friday manifesto’ which claims that their clothes are too good to discounts and that by not discounting, they’re actually looking out for their loyal customers. The full manifesto is to the right.

OK, it’s not quite as heart-warming, and in that sense Christmas-spirited, as the Fat Face approach but it does offer some food for thought. And if you are a loyal, early-bird shopper, I'd imagine this is rather a nice message to read. 


Whistles have been offering Christmas discounts for some years now, via their advent calendar. Subscribers receive a daily email throughout advent with a discount, exclusive product or prize draw. Our marketing manager Kate claims to prefer it to her real advent calendar.

It's a simple idea, but what’s clever for the retailer is they can carefully manage their stock. The offers often relate to a specific product eg 10% off these gloves or 20% off coats, so not only do they highlight hero products, that the shopper may not have found otherwise, but Whistles can gauge more accurately what’s going to sell and therefore, manage their stock levels accordingly.

Plus, it’s flipping exciting – says Kate.

We've taken a slightly simplistic look at Black Friday here, you know what's best for your brand and customers. But really all we're saying is that if you’re seriously dreading Black Friday, then could it be time to knock it on the head? Spend the money on a clever copywriter instead.