news/news-cheesecake-large.jpg Dave Smith, of Spice UK, who came up with this great idea for a new national day of celebration: ‘National Live Your Dream Day – make your long-held ambition / experience / event happen!' His suggestion for when this should be was 'Today (do it now!)’.

Congratulations Dave – you'll soon be tucking into the cheesecake of your dreams!

Many thanks to all of you who watched us eat our way through several of them on National Cheesecake Day – 30th July if you want to put it in the diary for next year! And thanks to the many creative people out there who entered our competition to come up with some great ideas of other days we might celebrate - among them were:

National 'Don’t Send Any Cheesy Emails' Day

'Blueleaf Appreciation Day'

National 'Hug Your Solicitor' Day

National Clear-out Day (a day of clearing the attics, wardrobes and garages to the local charity shop)

Just a few more and we’ll have filled the diary so there’ll be no more days to work at all!