As MD of Blueleaf, a multi-award winning Digital Agency, where changing technology has a huge impact on our everyday business, my predictions for 2012 reflect our new digital age. Rapidly changing world As information is available at the press of a button and we can share our ideas and thoughts instantly; now more than ever before, companies need to be able to adapt and keep up to date, using all the channels they have available to them, but limit the content to core content for maximum focus.

Cloud Sourcing The paperless office (yeah right), but it does mean that anyone can work from anywhere which has massive upsides but needs the downside managing tight such as implications for HR, team-working and leadership.

Multiple Jobs Enabled by the advent of new technology, the latest generation seem to have multiple jobs. I think it's a fantastic way to put your toe in the world of running your own business by starting something on a shoestring from home, with little overheads, and growing sensibly. It's something the economy needs - more enterprising leaders.

Mobile Mobile technology is big now, will it get smaller? No chance. Not only will this grow for business use, but for everyday actions like setting an alarm at home, or recording your favourite programme.

Augmented Reality This is no longer science fiction. It's early days, is it gimicky? A little yes, but by being creative we will find fantastic solutions that add value either in the brand experience or by using it to view in 3d.

Geo-location This can be used to magnificent effect by smaller businesses with products to offer, targeting customers in the local area to get them through the door.

Social Media The use of social media continues to grow. The whole way in which brands work has changed; now brands have to listen and rather than telling the population what to buy, the population tell brands what they want. But engage - everyone loves to be listened to, but they need a genuine response. More one to one engagement please.

In general, jump in there and enjoy it; the world is only ever going to go one way and it's essential we help things to move in that direction. Digital is not the future, it's now. Enjoy 2012.