Project Manager Becky has been with us for over a year now so we're well overdue a catch up with her. She told us all about 'A day in the life of Becky Harrison' back in June last year so we asked her what's changed since then. Over to Becky...........   

"Since joining Blueleaf in December 2015, I have learned quite a few things about Project Management, teamwork, and the world of ecommerce.

As a Project Manager, you learn to not only plan the project, but also keep the project momentum going, i.e. to time and to budget. Some projects I've worked on have been pushed back for many reasons (multiple rounds of amends, client testing taking longer than expected, unclear communication, third parties, etc.) So the key lesson learned here is to expect change, to have a flexible plan in place, and to communicate changes to all teams involved. 

Secondly, I've learned about handling difficult scenarios with confidence. This was the killer. Throughout my year at Blueleaf, there have been a few instances with project delays, projects going over budget, and poor communications. Subsequently, this has sometimes led to an unhappy team, and an unhappy client.

I’ve learned to tackle issues head on, as avoiding them does not mean they’ll go away. Despite our love for emails and JIRA (our ticket management system), the best method to combat further issues is to pick up the phone, and talk it out with the project team. From there, we can set up a plan of action to combat the problem. I have learned at Blueleaf to accept that some issues don’t have a solution, but any communication must be done with confidence. 

Not only have I acquired PM skills at Blueleaf, but I've also been welcomed into the world of ecommerce. I have now managed projects across a number of clients on the Venda platform, understood the differences between front-end and back-end development, and also had a brief insight into platform differences. For example, Venda platforms have more complexity, which extends project processes. Whereas, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Demandware) provides you with more control , and much simpler processes. Overall, ecommerce trends are constantly changing, so there’ll always be new areas to learn!

Blueleaf has taught me that having great respect, and a laugh, is essential to keeping all of the team grounded. In my previous employment, there was no room nor time for real conversation, so the enthusiasm was difficult to keep up. 

Overall, my experience at Blueleaf has been a whirlwind of successes and mistakes, but most of all, I've moved closer to the development goals I have as a Project Manager. "