news/news-hardcore_large.jpg What with us being the active bunch that we are and with our track record of working with sports associations, we jumped at the chance to develop a new sporting brand and website.

Hockey is a bigger sport than you might realise in the UK, but there is currently little online provision for people wishing to improve their game. The Sports Science & Training Group (SSTG) came to us looking to develop a new model of online coaching material, support and social network. The project began by developing a branding brief and scoping the website, ensuring that the right foundations were in place, before work began.

The site is to be called 'Hardcore Hockey' and we’re currently hard at work on the branding. We’re working on a brand which is at odds with the traditional feel of hockey, to provide a fresh image that will appeal to the core target audience of 14 to 25 year olds,

The next stage of the project will be to pull the brand through into the site design and to then build a site that will be a unique blend of personal experience and knowledge, coupled with real world data to add scientific support to the material.