How quickly would you expect a response to an email you'd sent? 24 hours, a week or 28 working days? If you email a query into Flybe, it would be the latter! I was absolutely gobsmacked recently when looking to book a flight, that a company can say they'll reply to emails within 28 working days - surely most people would have given up and gone elsewhere by then? So I decided to look into this a bit more and came across some research by Transversal (a research company based in Cambridge), stating that "major UK firms take an average of 46 hours to respond to customers' emails", and that this is a staggering "13 hours more than the average last year". The research looked at various customer service channels of the websites of 100 major UK firms, including their FAQ areas and contact centres. Findings included:

- on average, websites could only provide answers for 50% of common customer queries - telecommunications, insurance, travel, electronics, grocers and utility companies were the worst, being unable to answer 60% of customer queries online - travel websites had an average email response time of 58 hours (they obviously didn't contact Flybe!)

If you received this sort of service, wouldn't it make you feel like your query wasn't important? I guess that's why at Blueleaf we aim to respond to all queries on the same day - a simple way to make our clients, suppliers and prospects feel valued.