/news/news-hell_large.jpg Thinking back, it was probably the euphoria of Duncan and Chris’s successful London Marathon that made the Hellrunner seem like a good idea. 12 miles through the boggiest bits of Delamere Forest on a Sunday morning might sound like hell to some, but Blueleaf had no less than 6 participants.

We set off around 11am on a cloudy Sunday morning, and straight up the steep hill that runs alongside the forest, just to get warmed up. But that was the easiest part of what was to come. Anyone who knows Delamere will be aware that many of the paths are wide, dry and well marked, but the race’s organisers clearly had the wrong map when they were planning the route, as we were directed off through the trees and down the narrowest, muddiest paths imaginable. Parts of the course were unrunnable. No matter how fit you are, there’s no way you can run when you’re waist deep in stinking muddy water.

Suffice to say, we were all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves as we crossed the finish line one by one. Our combined time was 14 hrs 56 mins 27 secs, winning Gareth Williams from Ask Active a hamper of goodies from our local farm shop. Congratulations Gareth, hope you enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed our bacon butties after the race.