Strategist and self-confessed girl-geek Jenny Lomax, has been hiding under the radar of 'a day in the life' for some time. Having worked at Blueleaf for nearly 5 years, we're yet to quiz Jenny on her daily tasks...until now! So without further ado, we catch up with Jenny about a typical day in her life. 

Over to Jenny...

06.15  The day nearly always starts before the alarm goes off. There’s usually a pheasant making a racket in the garden or a cat meowing at the bedroom door. So I get up to feed the cats, and pheasants - I do like to encourage the wildlife into the garden. I grab a shower and head out to work.

After grabbing a coffee en route to work, it’s a half hour drive to the office - just enough time to compile my thoughts for the day. There’s usually a little challenge from the previous day to mull over, such as a tricky Google Tag Manager implementation.

07.45 I like to be in the office quite early, to knock a few tasks off the list before comms start to ramp up and meetings start to take over the day. I reply to emails and answer any Slack messages (our internals comms system) then get to the bigger tasks.

08.00 I’m currently writing user stories for a large new website, defining the deliverables for a Salesforce Cloud Commerce project. Each user story is a requirement to meet a customer or stakeholder need. I think about how each is best implemented, working with the UX team to encapsulate their ideas, or the developers to understand the best implementation for the platform. Each user story describes the UI, the user experience and expected behaviour of the platform, and is summarised with acceptance criteria so we know what success looks like. Each story will ultimately be reviewed and agreed with the client. It’s very, very detailed, and I find it therapeutic to finish each chunk of work.

12.30 Lunch! The local shop delivers lunch - it’s a little thing, but it means I can clear down email and Slack again whilst grabbing a sandwich. If there’s time, I’ll head out for some good Cheshire country air!

13.00 A client has just signed off a new project - rolling out the website to three new European countries. This is good news. I grab a meeting with the lead developer and project manager to brief the project in. We run through the scope of the project, assess and mitigate any risks, review the budget and confirm timescales. I know it’s in safe hands with the team, and it’s formally handed over to delivery! I’ll check back in in a few weeks to follow up on the status of the project.

14.00 I spend an hour looking over Google Analytics and user recordings to assess where there are opportunities for conversion rate improvement. I write a short report and pass the findings over to the UX team. We work together to propose ways to improve the user experience for mobile users and ultimately increase sales. With the proposed improvements outlined, I book a meeting with the devs to estimate the work. This will enable me to send the client a proposal for the improvements, the estimated cost and the potential return on investment. The should provide a good business case to press ahead and for the client to reap the rewards.

15.30 Back to the user stories - I’m determined to finish all the checkout user stories before I head home!

16.30 A quick clear down of today’s emails adds to tomorrow’s to do list, and gives me a new challenge to mull over on the journey home.