We caught up with our talented PM Vicky Walsh to discuss what she gets up to in a typical day. Believe us this was no easy feat, Vicky is one busy lady.

Over to Vicky...

6.45am: I’m usually woken up by my little dog Oscar kicking me out of bed. For a miniature Yorkie-poo, he has a lot of strength! Having snoozed my alarm several times, I then finally get myself out of bed. I’m very lucky that I live fairly close to the office, just over the border in Wales, so it's a 15 minute drive into work through the countryside!

8.00am: Once in the office, the most important job of the day is to get the coffee machine on. Once my brew is sorted, I like to get any paperwork out of the way first-thing and catch up on emails that have come in overnight. I’m sure my clients will vouch for me here, I  also send out project updates too, meaning that everything is with our clients for the start of the day!

I am an absolute stickler for a Trello board, so most of my day is managed through that - so once that’s all updated, I'm ready to go.

9am: Once everyone is in, that’s when my day really gets busy! Each day I like to catch up with everyone in the team early on and  talk through any priorities for the day and make sure they have everything they need to crack on. The great thing about working at Blueleaf is that we have a fantastic team of developers and designers so this part of the day is always a pleasure (albeit with a bit of banter!).  

9.30am-4pm: The main thing I love about my role is how varied my clients and projects are which means each day is very different for me. I manage everything from support contracts to large website launches so there is always plenty to keep me on my toes throughout the day. Having a good mix of clients too (including Tate, Bonmarché, Centrica and Life Style Sports to name just a few) always makes my day exciting!

I'm also a bit of a geek when it comes to technical details so I can always be found hanging around the developers during the day to find out the latest in responsive frameworks. Having previously designed and built websites myself has given me a great understanding of the task in hand, meaning I can support both the studio team and clients throughout any project.

We've also started working on '1%ers' here at Blueleaf so when I'm not busy planning in projects I’m involved in making a 1% improvement each week to the way we do things - whether it’s looking at improving our processes or even how we can offer more to our clients every 1% helps us towards providing an even better service. It’s a great way that we can constantly evolve in an ever-changing industry.

5pm: If it’s a sunny evening (a complete rarity in the UK), then I try and go for a quick flying lesson as I’m just in the process of doing my PPL. I am known to be a massive weather jinx when I book a lesson, so I always try and give everyone the heads-up to bring their coats to work. Should the inevitable happen and it rains, then I am usually found in the kitchen baking yummy cakes!