Front End Developer Simon shares with us what his typical day looks like. 

Over to Simon

05.30:  I get up early. I live in Sale, which is near Manchester, so it takes me around an hour to get into work. I also make the most of Blueleaf’s flexi-time which means I get in earlier and leave slightly earlier so I avoid the traffic; it's well worth the trade off. 

06.20:  I set off for work. This part of my day has changed recently as I now car-share with Blueleaf newbie Vinny. It saves on fuel costs but more importantly it makes the journey a lot more enjoyable. We try not to talk shop, which can be difficult as we're both developers. We stop off for a coffee en route - drive thru, we don’t want to get up even earlier.

07.20:  I arrive at work - I’m usually one of the first of the team to arrive. I get my second coffee and check my emails and slack messages. Slack is our new tool for communicating internally and I can’t believe how much it’s helped save time. In 10 minutes I’m pretty much up to speed with anything that’s happened overnight. I largely work on Red Bull projects, which often feature global events so 9am-5pm means nothing in this job. I do love what I do though and I have been known to check emails in the middle of the night, especially when there's a live event.    

07.30:  I love this time, there’s usually only three or four people in the office, so it’s super-quiet before the rabble arrive. I use the peace to set out my plans for the day. 

07.45:  Andrew Stanley arrives. Andrew is the Project Manager on Red Bull so we work very closely together. Once he’s in, we sit down and go through my work for the rest of the day.

08.25:  Most people are in the office by now so it's buzzing. Throughout the day, I’m often accused of being ‘brew-shy’, which is ironic considering how much coffee I drink. So once all the developers are in I make a brew round; I know I'll forget later on when my head is in code. 

08.30:  The rest of morning involves project work on one of the eight Red Bull websites that we look after including Cliff Diving, Crashed Ice and X-Fighters. I'm so lucky to spend my day involved with projects like these. It is incredible what Red Bull athletes achieve and the content Red Bull produce - the video and imagery is always mind-blowing.

I don’t work in isolation and there’s plenty of discussions throughout the day with the team, usually verbally as we're a friendly bunch but when the other developers have their headphones on, it usually means they’re deep in code, so slack is a better option.

12.30:  Lunch. We’re spoilt at Blueleaf as we get our lunch delivered to our desk by the local deli. Blueleafers Kay and Kate organise it and it's a huge help as it saves us a trip into the village. I do try to break for lunch though as I think it’s important to refresh.

13.00:  The afternoon is usually spent either finishing off the morning’s project work,  looking into a few support requests or preparing for a World Series event at the weekend.

15.45:  More Red Bull work and I get called “brew shy” after missing the afternoon brew round. 

16.00:  OK…so actually closer to 16:30, Vinny and I leave the office. After wrapping up timesheets, updating JIRA tickets, making sure everything’s pushed in the GIT repo and updating Andrew on the day’s progress, we’re on our way back to sunny Manchester. Once again we beat the traffic. 

17.00:  Back home and like many people, it's usually dinner then Netflix or Sky Go.  We all love to get lost in a box set.