Our Backend Developer Vincent 'Vinny' Tom shares with Browse what he gets up to in a typical Blueleaf day.

Over to Vinny

05.30: as my phone alarm starts to sound, I wake up and get ready to start the day. I pop into the shower and, depending on whether or not I’ve remembered to warm up the water, get in and out in record time.

06.10: it’s now time to leave the house and head over to my friend (and colleague) Simon Pioli’s house.  I knew Simon before we worked at Blueleaf together. The trip to Simon’s is only 20 minutes as the traffic is quiet at this time of the morning.

06.30: I arrive at Simon’s and drop him a quick text if he’s not waiting outside. Then we car share our way to Blueleaf HQ. It’s not quite as amusing as Peter Kay’s car share but it saves us both some money and Simon does most of the driving. He’s not too keen on my Nissan Micra as a mode of transport. Picky hey!

06.45: we stop off at the nearest McDonalds to get our morning dose of cuppa Joe’s. After this  our conversation takes on a more structured approach, which consists of the following: "did you see the news?", "have you seen the next episode of Game of Thrones?", "look what I saw on Facebook" etc, etc. All very important stuff you know.

07.30: we arrive at Blueleaf HQ and head upstairs to the office. I log on and load JIRA, our system for raising and assigning work to see what ‘tickets’ are assigned to me and start work. I mainly work on Laura Ashley - I carry out support, change requests and project enhancements on the made-to-order side of their website.

08.00: morning greetings to fellow developers Daz and John as they arrive a little later, as we have flexi time here at Blueleaf. Daz sits opposite me and John sits on my right so it’s always nice when they arrive.

09.00: morning greetings to Chris Jolley. Now the backend development team is complete.

12.30: lunch arrives and, depending on the day of the week, it’s table tennis time. Table tennis is strictly a Monday - Thursday activity, Fridays are a bit different as we have an hour so enough time for a chippy. I like to think I deserve it after all the table tennis.

13.30: Lunchtime is over so it's back to work. I continue to work through my JIRA tickets.

16.00: because of my early start (7.30am) I can finish the day at 4.00pm - but usually it’s more like 4.30pm by the time I’m out of the door. I like to put in a bit of extra work and to make sure Simon’s ready to leave.

17.00: by now, I’m usually stuck in traffic on the M56. It takes about 1 hour and 30 mins to get back home, but it has been known to take longer. Urgh!

18.00: I’m home, finally. Depending on the day, I either take the weight of my feet and watch some television or chip in at my family’s business, a takeaway.

23.00: I’m finally tucked up in bed. No rest for the wicked :-)