Tom has been with Blueleaf for 3 years now. He’s one of 3 Tom's in the office - all of them characters, but Tom Maddocks is certainly the joker. He's one of our developers although he sits with the design team and admits that he secretly quite likes being mistaken for a designer…if you’re new to Blueleaf, he may just pretend he is.  

What we’re all curious about is what Tom gets up to all day. So, we caught up with him to find out.

Over to you Tom…

05.26: I'm up. I haven’t used an alarm clock in years, I usually wake up to the sound of the early bird or first light if it’s summer. My body clock is perfectly honed.

05.30: I pop the Nespresso on, I always go for a Pure Origin Grand Cru: Bukeela ka Ethiopia. I have a morning routine I always stick to and it involves 30 solid minutes of meditation to really clear my mind for the day ahead.

06.15: My dog ‘64’ is waiting to be walked. Fortunately I live near a National Trust park so we go there for half an hour or so. We’re usually back for about 7 am. I go straight into the living room for 40 press-ups, squats and burpees before I take a quick shower.

I always try to read a book for half an hour before setting off for work; I like to stay offline until I get to the office. I’m currently reading ‘Ham on Rye’ by Charles Bukowski.

08.00: I’m fortunate to live only 15 minutes away from work so the worst that happens in the morning is getting stuck behind a tractor. I listen to podcasts on the way to the office so a delay can be a blessing! Which podcasts you ask? Anything by Tim Ferriss usually.

08.15: Before leaving work the previous day,  I make a "hit-list" for the next morning, it includes 3 aims.  So the first thing I do when I arrive at work is review this list and plan to hit my goals.

08.30: Time to get cracking with my work. Now this is where I won't bore you with the details but it could be working on some of our new projects, supporting existing websites, change requests, the list goes on…

To enlighten you with what Blueleaf are doing with our new projects, we're making sure that they're all optimised 'under the hood'. We've got standards to work to now and it's making life for all us developers much simpler and more uniform.

We use SASS for CSS pre-processing - it's awesome and making CSS development more efficient, especially useful when multiple developers are working on a project. Previously this was a merge conflict nightmare.

We've introduced standards with JavaScript too - Frameworks are project specific still but we're making sure that there is good use of prototypes, no naughty global variables, and lovely event binding. Other developer-based standards that we've introduced include: 

  • HTML5 always and forever.
  • Responsive Frameworks - again project specific (Bootstrap, Foundation, bespoke) but we're getting closer to our chosen one.
  • Version Controlling is all on GIT now.
  • Deployment schedules for releasing our code to the world.
  • Unit testing for our back end guys.
  • JIRA for all our issue and time management.
  • CSS Lint for us front end guys.

We're making massive progress with tiny steps.

17.00: 5pm already? Time for me to fill out my timesheet and plan my hit-list for tomorrow.

Back on the road and I’m home in no time. Work out of the way, it’s time to waste my evening watching YouTube videos. If you made it this far into my "day in the life" then you deserve a treat, so to wrap up my day - here's a couple of YouTube greats, enjoy!

Singing expert
Cat love

Thanks for that Tom

... you’ve now got us wondering about your pre-work routine and how you really manage to fit this all in. We do have our doubts as to whether this is all true – you’ve never mentioned your dog before now or squats and burpees come to think of it!