Sarah Evans is a Senior Project Manager here at Blueleaf. She's been with the company since pretty much the beginning. We wanted to hear from a long-standing team member and find out what they get up to in a typical day and what keeps things engaging and interesting for them. 

Over to Sarah

Well, I’ll start by telling you that no 2 days are ever the same! But here’s an insight into a typical day……

I get to the office for 8.30am every morning – usually after I’ve been for a run or an exercise class at the gym. I find that exercise in a morning works best for me and really sets me up for the day.

After quickly checking emails to make sure there are no urgent issues to address, we have our daily stand up meeting – this is a chance for the Project Managers (currently 3 of us but we’re looking to recruit more!) to catch up with the designers and developers. What was worked on yesterday? What are the priorities for today? Anything anyone’s struggling with? We keep the meeting short and sweet – 15 minutes maximum – and if there’s anything the team want to discuss in more detail, we’ll do this straight after the meeting, with the relevant people.

I’ll then work through my emails, checking in with all the clients I look after and prioritising the work for the day. This might be assigning support issues to the team, reviewing a project plan, checking work that’s been completed and chatting to clients about current projects.

I’ll also work with our Producers on any new projects that come in – taking the specification and planning this work in, scheduling it with the appropriate resource. We need to make sure that work is scheduled in properly so that we have the right people available at the right times – this time of year is always fun with holidays, so what’s important is making sure we have cover at all times and can deliver to the required timescales.

I tend to take a late lunch – I’m more productive in a morning so want to extend this time as much as possible! The afternoon is then made up of checking progress on issues and projects, making sure things are moving along and also checking what work can be invoiced and confirming this to the accounts team. I’ll update client status reports – this is something that needs to be done every day for support issues as things can move so quickly. I’ll also check the hours we have used for the various projects as we need to make sure we have sufficient time available to complete the job.

I normally leave the office between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, after checking my ‘To Do’ list for the day – usually seeing that I’ve not managed to tick everything off as loads of other stuff has come in which has been more urgent! I always like to work through my tasks though at the end of the day and write my ‘To Do’ list for the next day – this means I can leave the office knowing I’ve achieved something every day.