A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life

What does being MD mean? Here’s a typical day:

I love reading about other people’s days. It’s always one of my favourite parts of various magazine; to find out about top designers like Tom Ford or business tycoons like Branson. Unfortunately, my days are probably not quite as glamorous!

6am: The morning chorus of an awake 19 month old boy normally breaks the quiet and gets me out of bed to rescue him from what I can only assume are pure demons that means the bed is no longer a place to be.

6.40am: Showered and downstairs to see Verity (my wife) who's already been up for several hours and who will be with our 8 week old girl, giving the 2nd bottle of the day. Toast for me and the boy.

7.35am: On the train into Central London. Work all the way there (1hr 17mins) as phone data has improved a lot recently. Normally replying to a few dozen emails, finishing a proposal or finessing a presentation for the day ahead. I may have a cheeky bacon roll at the station before boarding.

9:30am: First meeting of the day. Normally a client or could be a partner / potential partner / technology provider / general person to meet.

11:30am: Into the office in Soho to work with the teams (London & Cheshire) to help with any client questions, issues, debates where I can help bring some clarity or make some suggestions to progress things. Normally involves a number of Google Hangouts, phone calls and another few dozen emails (email, email, email).

12:30pm: Lunch. Massively important part of the day. I am very prone to immense hunger grumps so making sure I am well fueled is a must. Varied lunch but often a brown bread sandwich with tuna, cucumber and sweet chilli sauce (rock and roll). Not healthy but eaten at the desk while attempting to not stick all my keys together with said sweet chilli sauce.

1pm: Concentration of the bigger task for the day. This could be a really wide range of things including:

  • Checking sales targets to see whether we need to push a little harder
  • Helping with a certain part of a project where my expertise can help (ecommerce tracking for instance)
  • Working on our R&D tax return (lowering the lovely corporation tax)
  • Working on a client roadmap to map out the most important work we need to do together over the next four quarters
  • Looking at cashflow for the weeks and months ahead
  • The list could go on!

The diversity is certainly one of the aspects that makes my role pretty interesting and varied day to day. The key is to put first things first (a principle of Stephen Covey). What I mean by that is to concentrate on tasks that will make the biggest impact. These tend to be the ones that will make clients the happiest.

4pm: Probably some kind of call/catch up/shorter meeting to round off the office day. Normally a networking type thing to reconnect with someone.

5:30pm: Arrival at some kind of networking event/seminar. These are normally around a specific subject matter and I could sometimes be speaking at one of them too on something to do with ecommerce. Normally involves a few beers too.

7:07pm: Train home (sometimes this would be the 5.07pm if it’s a shorter day! Or the 22:00 if longer. Normally not email based (phone signal is rubbish on the way back — go figure!) so instead normally reading Inc. Magazine or a book or something similar to keep the brain fed.

As much as that seems like a typical day there isn’t such a thing. Mondays are manic catching up and solving issues and normally up in Cheshire. Some days can be all day strategy sessions with clients, while others I lock myself away to work on the numbers or our goals for the next year. The one thing that’s certain is that nothing is typical ☺