We’re lucky enough to have had Kay work for Blueleaf as Office Manager for four years this month. Kay’s an invaluable member of the team and if you’re familiar with Blueleaf, then you’ll no doubt have spoken to Kay -  she’s part of the glue that holds us together. To celebrate her four years, we caught up with her about a typical day in her life. 07:00: My working day starts at a civilised time. I enjoy some peace and quiet…then I wake my 5 year old daughter, Evie and encourage her to get ready for school.

07.15: The chaos starts! Sorting breakfast, lunches, getting dressed, doing my hair, brushing my teeth, doing Evie’s hair, brushing Evie’s teeth, the list goes on.

Kay and Evie
Kay and Evie

08.40: We always manage to get out of the house for this time so we can walk to school together.

09.30: My working day begins. I'm very lucky that Blueleaf were able to accommodate shorter working hours to tie in with the school run. So, after a lovely commute through the Cheshire countryside, this time in the car, my working day starts.

I have a very varied role but the two areas of priority are sales-invoicing and credit control. This is always my main focus.

I work closely with the lovely Janine, our Finance Manager, and together we manage our comprehensive cashflow document which controls the financial situation of the company – no pressure then.

11.00: By now I’m usually raising relevant invoices and then checking our factoring company to see who has paid us.

I have built up great relationships with our clients, which helps massively with successful credit control - some of you reading this will speak to me quite often and you’re probably used to hearing from me around this time! More importantly it makes my job really enjoyable to have great relationships with the people I speak to.

13.00: The other side of my role involves recruitment, HR admin and supporting Kate Shepherd with front-of-house. I tend to work through this side of my role in the afternoon, once I know the finances are all in order. But every day is so different; there isn’t a rigid structure to my day, which I love.

14.30: I work through lunch because my working day finishes at this time when you'll usually find me running out of the door, to make the school run.

15.00: Back to school, a quick chat in the playground with the mums and a walk home.

16.00: After school, depending on the day, I take Evie to ballet, street dance or Glee club (there's a definite theme here) and then usually a play date or park visit if the weather is nice. This is never a chore as I get an opportunity to catch up with friends too:)

18.00: In the evening I will always check my emails just to prepare myself for the next day, and respond to anything that I can from my phone. I find it helps to be one step ahead; time is precious when you work shorter hours and by doing this, I feel I’ve managed to find the perfect work-life balance.