Kate is a relatively new member of the team, having been with us for four months. Kate’s our Marketing Manager and she’s responsible for spreading Blueleaf's “fame” through events, press, social media and the website. As well as new initiatives that she’s developing. Here’s an insight into what Kate’s working on.


Over to Kate

I’m really pleased that I have been asked to write a “day in the life of” feature for this month’s “Gossip”. As I’m writing this I’m reflecting on how much has happened since I joined the team. It feels like I’ve been here longer than four months and not only because I’m no longer the newest Blueleafer (more on that in next month's Gossip).

My day starts early as I travel in from Macclesfield. It’s a scenic route and as a new driver, I still get a buzz out of it. Especially now I’ve fixed my car radio and can listen to radio 4 (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

I get into the office for 8am to see what’s been happening on social media. I reply to people’s tweets, get in touch with new followers and see what content I think the @bltweets followers would be interested in, shameless plug there.

My day can be very varied but I have a goal to deliver at least one piece of work every day. This sounds rather obvious but when you have a varied role like mine it’s easy to get bogged down replying to emails and in general day-to-day activity.

This goal can be to write an award entry, a blog post, a press release, to plan an event or to meet a new contact. I’m pleased when I write Friday’s “marketing wrap” and there’s at least 5 meaty pieces of work to showcase.

However, I don’t tie myself to my desk. I’ve never worked for an agency before and I’ve been absolutely blown away by how supportive the agency community is. I’ve learnt so much from meeting with peers and I hope I’ve been able to share some of my knowledge (if not about marketing then about what I've heard on radio 4). I’m often in London or Manchester meeting people and seeing venues. In that respect Macclesfield is the perfect place for me as both cities are very accessible.


Looking over what I’ve actioned and planned so far I think the biggest achievement lies in the events I’m planning. I’m from an events background so it’s always going to be close to my heart but seeing the phenomenal support I’ve been getting for initiatives such as our Digital Garden Party and Bladdered Again has been extremely encouraging. I’m very grateful to everyone that’s got on board and I’m looking forward to many more events.

If you want to be kept in the loop with our upcoming events and other initiatives then drop me an email or follow us on twitter. Thanks