Kate Shepherd has managed our front-of-house operations for just over 10 months now and the result has left us all wondering what we ever did without her. She feeds us, waters us (and the plants) and generally looks after the team, our visitors and the office. So, how does she fit it all in? Below, Kate shares what she gets up to in a 'typical' day. 

Over to Kate... 

07:00: My day starts early when I am woken up by my little boy.  I then have the job of letting our three hens - Martha, Mable and Sweetie (pictured) - out of their coop. It’s not too much of a chore as most days I’m rewarded with 3 lovely eggs.  Depending on timings I’ve been known to rustle up a French crepe or two before work.

07:30: Breakfast is over and it's time for my long commute to work…which takes me just over 6 minutes!  As soon as I am settled at my desk the first job of the day is to send out the daily ‘Sense Check’ which keeps the team up to date on everybody’s whereabouts, visitors to HQ, meetings, holidays, birthdays and so on.

No two days are the same at Blueleaf and I’m always busy,  which I thrive on. It's my voice you'll hear if you phone the office as all calls come through to me. So when I arrive at work there are always plenty of enquiries to forward on to the right team member.

As front-of-house, part of my role is to look after any visitors that come to the office and I have been known to make a mean cappuccino! Something the rest of the team bring up when they get their standard coffee. Looking after people is what I do and actually really enjoy it, so the team are treated to coffees throughout the day (not cappuccino’s though, unless they’re well-behaved).  I also manage our two busy boardrooms which is important considering our teams are having numerous internal and external meetings, gatherings and conference skype calls throughout the day.

12.00: The daily all-important lunch order is down to me and I need to make sure all consumables are ordered well in advance. More importantly, whatever happens we will never run out of tea or coffee as this does directly affect productivity!  If any of the team need any travel booking or accommodation it's me they come to too.

Whenever possible during our lunch break, I really enjoy setting off with my walking buddy Sarah for a brisk stride around the beautiful Cheshire countryside that surrounds our office.

14.00: Any office maintenance niggles…you guessed it, I’m the main contact! Worryingly, the welfare of the plants in the office is also down to me.  I know if my husband were to read this he would laugh as I manage to kill most of our houseplants!

15.00: As well as looking after the office and the team, I work with Kay to coordinate the HR process. I usually dedicate a couple of hours a day to this and has been something I’ve found myself doing more of as we continue to grow the team. It's something I really enjoy and we’re currently on the look-out for a Senior Developer and a Front End Developer to join our team (just in case you know anyone suitable!).

I’ve helped recruit some of our newest team members and when you see how happy they are and how well they’re doing in their roles, you can’t help but smile. I feel very genuine when I'm recruiting people and tell them how nice it is at Blueleaf.

17.00: Before I know it the day is over and it’s back home to cook the evening meal before grabbing my trainers (if it’s a Tuesday) and heading out to join the Tattenhall Runners.