Back End Developer and long-time Blueleafer John Williams shares with Browse a day in his life. Known for being rather quiet in the office, we're rather proud to have prised this information out of John, we'll call it an exclusive!

Over to John...

07:30 - get up and get straight to work…on my boxing website - the only place to go for up-to-the-minute boxing stats (shameless plug there.)

08.00 - I’m out the door. I could get up earlier, get in work earlier and leave work at 4pm, like some of the other Blueleafers do because we have flexi time here, but I get in for 8.30am. I like my sleep too much and those boxing stats won’t update themselves.

Luckily for my sleep and the boxing world, I don’t have far to travel to work. I live in an old miners cottage in Minera. Sounds very exotic, I should point out that it’s near Wrexham. It’s not too far from the office, around 30 minutes or so in the car.

08:30 – I get into the office. My colleague Vinny, also a back end dev, is already in but Chris, the final back end dev on our pod, doesn’t get in until 9am. So Vinny and I make a quick brew round before he’s in (don’t tell him).

I would divide my day into hourly segments like some of the other Blueleafers who’ve written a day in the life but my day doesn’t work like that. I largely work on 'support' which means any number of our clients could need my help throughout the day, if they have a sudden issue or a bug on their site.

So I could work on any client at any time but I largely work with Meon, Next and occasionally Laura Ashley and Centrica. I really enjoy this. It keeps my day interesting and means I’m always doing different things and figuring out the quirks of different sites.

After many years working on the Next Made 2 Measure site, I’ve really honed my developing skills and have earned a wide range of knowledge on draping, pelments, ombra – yes, I’m talking curtains!

17:00 – I leave work and travel home. Sometimes I’m on my bike but largely I’m in the car so when I get home I’ll head out on my bike.

I know what you’re thinking! Why do I drive into work but then ride my bike when I get home? It’s a good question, the answer is because my journey to work is relatively flat and I like hill climbing. So when I go out on my bike I do 30 miles or so along Horsehoe pass, Llangollen or Hope mountain.

As well as hill climbs I also enjoy BMXing, which is ironically the complete opposite - hurtling down hills at a rate of knots. I don’t do this as often but I do enjoy it.

21:00 - back home and the first thing I do is shower and grab some food. Then I catch up on the day’s boxing news and perhaps a bit of telly.

23:00 – some much-needed sleep.