Janine has a crucial role within Blueleaf as our Finance Manager, and one of the only roles that spans all departments from marketing to design. Not a penny gets past Janine! Browse caught up with Janine to hear about a 'typical' day for her. 

Over to Janine... 

07:00: If I've not already been tapped on the head, swatted in the face or continually meowed at by our little kitty, Binx, I'm awoken by the week day alarm, usually followed by a snooze or two.

08:00: Arrive at work. Even after over a year of this journey, I'm still amazed at the huge change from my previous commute into London. Ten minutes of country lanes vs an hour of tubes and buses…it's a tough choice! The only delay these days is due to the odd cow crossing – that’s one excuse I never heard over the tube tannoy in all those years in the Big Smoke.

Anyway, back to work... I arrive in the office and get busy preparing for my day. Emails and Slack (our internal email system) checked, it's onto my regular, daily tasks of :
- Daily admin (there is a lot of it!)
- Looking for ways to become more efficient financially (a huge focus for me)
- Ad hoc reporting and requests for information, mainly from our MD, Rob Smith
- Regular project status reviews with our Project Managers, in order to keep on top of the job financials. This is key to my role - it’s up to me and our Project Managers to make sure that we have a grip on the financial status of our projects at every stage. Are we likely to need overtime for a project? Might we need some new software or a new licence? It all goes into the cashflow and project forecasts.
- Ensuring everything behind-the-scene is ticking along seamlessly to allow the fee-earners (aka Designers and Developers) to do what they do best. Nothing goes undetected by the finance eye.

These are all my daily tasks that I crack on with while regularly being serenaded by the "Happy Birthday Janine" song over the company tannoy. I should warn you, the song is sometimes accompanied by a dance. I love it really, even though if it really was my birthday every time I heard it, I'd be at least 300 years old by now! Yes, we play it that often and I can guarantee it’s ringing in every Blueleafers head as they read this.

16:30: Home time. Our flexi-time policy is great, especially now that my husband and I are expecting our first baby in December. It means I get to have a mini-snooze before Mr Evans arrives home from work. Then it is nursery planning and all the other completely foreign things that parents-to-be do. We recently bought a ‘simple’ utility bag, it is much more confusing than any financial spreadsheet I have ever seen. Thank heavens for Google!