Fran has only been with us for a couple of months but it feels like a lot longer, in a good way! We thought it would be interesting to catch up with her to find out what her first couple of months have been like and to explain exactly what a Customer Success Manager here at Blueleaf gets up to all day. 

Over to Fran...

07.45: I leave the house for my drive to work. I’m lucky as the drive is very pretty - I get to drive down country lanes so the only thing that may slow me down is cows crossing the road as they return from milking, back to the fields or maybe a tractor slowing me down a little!

08.20: I arrive at the office and set myself up with a ‘proper’ coffee from our wonderful coffee machine.

08.30: First thing is to check Slack, emails, our work Schedule and my own 'To Do' list. 

Slack is our internal comms systems so I check it to see if any of the dev and UX guys need anything from me. Slack is always checked intermittently throughout the day as that is how I can get in touch with someone easily and quickly or indeed, they can get hold of me. I have Blueleaf Slack channels and also another Slack channel set up by a client for an important project. It needs a separate channel as we are dealing with a 3rd party. Today, I have no new questions via Slack, just a developer letting me know that they have finished their first task and are already onto their next!

I then check emails to see if anything has happened overnight that I need to be aware of. Emails are also checked intermittently throughout the day as that is often the preferred method of communication for clients. After doing a quick check of my emails, I find that I have extra information for the guys today, so I add that in the relevant Slack channel and also update the corresponding Jira tickets. 

I look at the work Schedule to remind me what planned time I have for client work during the day. It’s important that I know who is doing what, when and how it fits into the bigger picture. 

Today, everyone already knows what they have in the Schedule as I reminded them yesterday before I left work for the day.

Then onto my 'To Do' list - my own list of things that I need to do; today I have this ‘A Day In the Life of’ document to finish, collating and sending a project update to a client and some longer term tasks that I continue to work on. Apart from that I have a day full of business as usual tasks.

This morning, I added a new task for me to provide some reference information to one of our clients by the end of the week; this is added to my 'To Do' List.

09:00: It’s Monday, so we have our weekly morning meeting here at the Cheshire Blueleaf office. It’s a get-together for all of us (those not in the Cheshire office join via Google Hangouts). It’s a chance for everyone to catch-up; find out if anyone did anything fun at the weekend, any key business updates from Adrian or Rob and what we have coming up for the week ahead. If anyone has any questions or needs assistance this is a good forum for doing so. Aside from the business communications, there is a fair amount of fun and banter today, which always sets the week off to a great start!

09.20: I have a client call at 09:30 so I check that I have everything ready.

09.30: Weekly Client Update call - it's a relatively quick call as we’ve now got this down to a finely-tuned meeting! We go over last week's key achievements, priorities for the coming week and any questions. We also discuss a large project that has just started and the additional developer time that is required during the go-live period.

09.45: I review the Schedule and request the additional developer time just discussed on the call with our Traffic Manager, Sarah.

09.50: I receive a client email request for more users to be added to Jira; so I obtain the relevant user information and request this from our Traffic Manager. I update the client when these have been added.

10.00: My turn to make a brew round, always such an important task in the office. There are plenty of biscuits about today and fruit for those who are trying to be healthy - the fruit balances out the biscuits for me!

10:10: Checking and following progress on each client's latest Sprint is a longer task today as the Sprints have quite large tickets with lots of sub-tasks. I check with the guys to ensure that Jira tickets are progressing as they should be; they are assigned to the correct person, are being worked on in the right order and have the correct status. I also go back to my emails to see if there is any further information from the clients that needs adding to Jira, inevitably there is and today is no different. I find myself updating 11 ticket comments.

11.45:  An email has come in with an important request. I assess the urgency, make sure I have enough information, check the Schedule to see who is working on what and slightly re-jig the developer's workload for today to accommodate the urgent request. The query is resolved swiftly and the client is updated and delighted with the speedy reply!

12:00: I collate the details for a project update (on my 'To Do' list!) and send it to the client.

12.30: Lunchtime!

13.00: Post-lunch check of Slack and emails. I use Slack at this time of day to find out where tickets are up to, see if anyone has any questions and ask what the expected status will be by the end of the day. I also check my emails to see if anything urgent has arrived, nothing today.

13:10: It’s back to my emails again and I set to work doing a more in-depth review of emails received since end of day yesterday. I get a lot of emails overnight as some of our clients are in Europe so they get a two hour headstart on our working day! I already actioned the more urgent emails earlier in the day so it’s back to the others to review and complete any actions that I need to take. Today they are mostly client testing feedback, so some time is spent updating Jira tickets with the new information. I also have some emails advising that new Jira tickets have been raised by a client so I update the relevant Slack channel to request estimates the following day. I also receive 5 other emails which result in me having to raise new Jira tickets.  

14.00: I use a Daily Priority Schedule which is a more granular version of our Studio Schedule. Today, I update the Daily Priority Schedule in accordance with the importance of the new tickets I’ve raised and the client has raised, ensuring that I don’t go over the time available for each person. It’s a little more complicated today as I’ve received three requests that the client has classed as important so it means that I need to assess and move some current planned work without any detrimental impact.  Each time I do any schedule work, it’s like a satisfying puzzle that comes together when everything is planned for the next day/week!

15.50: Afternoon brew time. I’m tempted by some of the staple items in our office, Jaffa Cakes!

16.00: I receive a client call asking for more information about an invoice. I easily locate the information and resend it to them.

16.10: The guys are obviously updating Jira as they complete tasks for the day so I’m getting a lot of update emails from the developers and UX guys. I review the update information and respond to clients via email to let them know that they can start their testing. For a couple of others, I review the update and assign the ticket to the next Blueleaf person in the workflow.  

16:20: I check who’s doing what for tomorrow and update the relevant Slack Channel with tomorrow's list of work for each of the guys and some extra notes for them to contact me before they start a particular ticket.

16:40: I check that I don’t have any draft emails that I haven’t sent and that everything on my 'To Do' list that had to be done today, has been done. 

16:45: I have two tasks to remind myself about for tomorrow, so I update my calendar with a reminder for the morning. 

17.00: I finish for the day, tidying my desk before I go - tidy desk, tidy mind!  All ready for tomorrow.