Chris Wood, or 'Woody' as we know and love him, has been with Blueleaf for just over 5 years. He's a vital member of the team both in terms of his design abilities and his sense of humour. Woody really does bring the office to life and can always be relied upon to make us laugh...or tear our hair out, depending on how we're feeling. 'Gossip' caught up with Woody to find out about a 'typical' day for him. Over to you Woody…

5.30am - My alarm goes off. I usually feel a complete wreck as I've been kept awake all night by sirens, screaming and gun shots (I live in Stoke). I then stumble to the bathroom and usually just sit there on the toilet for about ten minutes wondering why I had those two extra beers last night. Whilst I'm doing that both of my cats (Tinky and Minnie) break down the door to pop in and say good morning. I realise that last sentence has completely compromised my level of manliness, but they are my wife's cats really.

6.10am - Out of the shower straight into the car! My commute takes a good 50 minutes, and I wake myself up by listening to some polyrhythmic groove metal at full volume and swearing at tractors (damn those country roads!).

7.00am - Arrive at work. I'm usually first here, so I open up shop and get one of the office playlists on. If I get time I'll record a ridiculous jingle or clean out the fish tank that used to be a computer.

7.30am - Let's get to work! My main day-to-day activities focus on UX and UI design. I love to solve complex problems, turning them into simple and easy to use solutions. If I'm not found sketching/prototyping or designing, I'm usually wrestling with a developer about the possibilities of building one of my concepts, or wrestling a developer. I also do a lot of QA on projects before they head over to the client to make sure that the front-end build is looking great and functioning perfectly.


4.00pm - Back in the car in an attempt to avoid the bad traffic that emerges around the horrid set of roadworks at junction 16 of the M6. If the studio is really busy I'll jump back on a Mac and work into the night. If not then you can find me lifting heavy things, making war on X-box One or researching how to train dogs as I'll be collecting my Husky pup on the 17th of October.

All in all that is pretty much as average as a day can get here.