We've been running our "day in the life of" feature in the last two editions of 'Gossip' and they've been going down really well. So, not wanting to disappoint, we caught up with our Design Director, Chris Jones.

Chris has been with Blueleaf since the early days and he's seen some huge changes in that time. Chris shares his experiences of heading up the design team here at Blueleaf.

Over to Chris...

My day usually starts at 6.05am, after I've ignored my alarm going off for the first time at 6am. I fall out of bed and get dressed in the dark for a run, which is not without its hazards. I once ran 5 miles with my shorts on back to front.

Chris and BO
Chris and BO

My running partner is Bo, our 1-year old Hungarian Vizsla. We're lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of Cheshire and running down the lanes, or along the canal, always gives me some valuable thinking time and sets me up for the day.

One of the things I like most about my role at Blueleaf, is variety. I tend to go down to London once or twice a month and always really enjoy the trip. It's a total contrast to where we're based in Cheshire, so it's exciting to visit the big city and the train is usually a good place to get some work done. I'm either visiting clients or speaking at conferences, like the Future of Web Design, which I spoke at in April.

If I'm in the office, I get to work around 8.30am and clear any emails whilst drinking my first coffee of the day. We have a quick team catch-up to check what everyone's doing and discuss any issues. My day is then a mixture of overviewing the design team on large projects for the likes of Red Bull and Laura Ashley, working with producers to ensure that what we're designing fits the project spec and internal meetings to make sure that everything's on track with the business.

My own project work is very UX focused these days and I often take the lead on projects, meeting clients to suss out who their users are and how we can create the best site for their needs. I can usually be found with my head buried in a layout pad, devising customer journeys and sketching out web pages. I still really enjoy design and it's my responsibility to ensure that everything we do is on brand, creative and aesthetically as good as it can be. I have a really talented team and seeing what comes out of the studio is a genuine pleasure.

I usually leave between 5.30pm and 6pm, to get home in time to bath the kids and read bedtime stories. If we're really busy, I'll work later in the evening as I find I'm quite productive at that time of day and can get a fair bit done, without interruptions.

Talking of which, it's time I went to bed. Goodnight.