If you're an avid browse reader, you may recognise the name 'Chris Jolley'. Our multi-talented developer has written many advice-driven articles for our newsletter. This time however, we've asked him to write about himself. Chris has as many hobbies as he does talents, so this should make for a very interesting read. 

Over to Chris... 

My typical day starts with the usual routine of getting up, having a bit of breakfast,and a drive down the A41 to our nice rural location. Recently the morning drive has been great, now the big yellow shining thing in the sky has returned! 

I prefer working into the evening slightly and by the time I arrive most of the dev team are already down to business. More often than not I have the pleasure of a cup of Daz's special brew coffee waiting on my desk from the first brew round of the day!

After catching up on any emails (dying out now we have embraced 'Slack' for our internal comms) and JIRA updates, I'll usually be found - coffee in hand - catching up with the Project Managers about the work ahead, priorities and issues or enhancements that we can add to a given task in hand. On a Monday, there's the team Monday Morning Meeting to enjoy around this point - a great way to get a picture of where we are at and what's happening in the team. 

Development-wise, I'm usually working on projects and support for our Red Bull Platform, which hosts 8 awesome sites for events and teams like Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso, X-Fighters and the Air Race. 

I check in with Daz (our Head of Development) in the morning, working with him on figuring out the overall best approach to the tasks in hand (not just the quickest!), writing code and testing update changes and new development work - often across multiple environments. This forms the core of my day at Blueleaf. 

I usually finish with a review of what's coming up, or is likely to be, for the following day, as well as reviewing what's been achieved and feeding back to our excellent project managers. 

After work, I'm found on a squash court 3 nights per week; I've been hooked by squash! Really great way to get some exercise and face a physical and mental challenge. No matter who I play against it's great fun. Interestingly, I once heard squash described as 'Chess, with a ball'. 

Later in the evening after cooking some tasty food, I'll usually be catching up on YouTube channels, Podcasts, TV series, or playing the guitar - another great passion of mine. Sometimes I turn my hand to other creative or crafty pursuits like drawing and water colour painting - especially if I've got some new music to listen to at the same time.

Years ago, when asked that classic "what do you want to do as a job"? I used to reply that my ideal job would be one involving problem solving, creativity, computing or IT, in a great environment with great people. Cliche maybe, but I look at my typical day here at Blueleaf and that's exactly what I have :)