Horse shoe pass

Start of May and I have 51 days left until the event starts - can't believe it's coming round so quickly! Training is going quite well - I have a plan and follow it quite well. General life does get in the way sometimes but I have great support from home to allow me to get valuable time in to get fitter.  At the moment I'm riding around 250 - 300 miles a week, and pushing hard, not just riding.  It's a mixture of base miles to burn fat and more intensive sessions. I have a 1-mile long hill where I go and ride up and down it for 2 hours, just to give some sort of feeling of long hill climbs, nothing like the French Mountains though. Once a week before work I am getting a Llangollen / Horsehoe Pass run in, which is really helping - 62 miles in then ride home at night.

Last Sunday, I rode with a friend of mine. We did an event last year and all year our heart beats were pretty much the same while training.  On Sunday, it was noticeably different - mine were 15 - 20 beats per minute lower than his. It was amazing to see how with his level of activity dropping a little and mine increasing, that in 9 months there was a massive difference in the average heart beat while cycling.

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