Rob Waller is the web developer behind the Fakers App which analyses the quality of followers as opposed to the number. It’s been used by over 600,000 people and has been commended by the New York Times, among others.

Since then Rob's set up Status People, a company dedicated to helping businesses with their social media, in particular whittling out the fakers.

So, if phony twitter followers carry no Klout (excuse the pun) what can we do to increase our followers in an organic way?


Here’s Rob’s advice.  

Getting started with Twitter or getting more from Twitter can be a difficult process for any business. The first question that usually arises is, "how do I grow my following?"

This is a daunting question because in reality there's no easy answer and it will always be a long and time consuming process. But this shouldn't put you off because building a following can be fun and engaging. It can also boost your business and strengthen your brand. If you're not on twitter then you're not part of the conversation that people are having about your brand. So my first advice to any business is to get involved.

Still daunted? Here are some quick tips to get you started. Trust me, it'll grow from here.

 1. Follow: It may seem obvious but following others really is the basis of growing a following. Be aware, this does not mean you should follow anyone but you should follow those who are interested in what you have to say and those with influence in your community or industry.

 2. Do not fake it: Buying followers may seem like an easy option. The thought process is that buying some fakes will make you or your business look influential and you may gain more real followers because of this. But if you get caught out, and there are many tools that can do this, you can destroy your brands integrity and any legitimacy you may have had. Trust is an important part of social media.

3. Be consistent: Focus on your industry and your brand, don't just tweet about anything. We all have that annoying friend who tweets when they have a cup of tea! People will follow you if they think you're a go to brand for particular information, not because you're nice to chat to.

 4. Deliver good content: Make sure the content you deliver is of a high quality. Read everything you tweet (believe it or not some people don't). If you wouldn't read it don't share it. I have one rule when creating and sharing content, It must inform, educate or amuse.

 5. Engage your following: Consistently sharing quality content isn't enough. You must engage with your followers, try to influence them and discuss topics they are interested in. Without engagement you're simply shouting at your audience...and that's not very social.

Of course this doesn't cover all aspects of growing and maintaining a Twitter following but hopefully it should get you started. Good luck and I look forward to sharing tweets.