As pay day was last week, some of us here at Blueleaf enjoyed a little internet shopping at the weekend! I was really pleased to see that more and more retailers are using either 360 degree product views or, even better, video demonstrations on their websites - I say even better, because as a consumer I found that the video gave me a much better idea of scale and fit than a photograph and if it was embedded in the page I could quickly view the video and stay on the product page. My interest piqued, I wanted to confirm my thoughts and find some statistics to share with you on which gives better conversion and less product returns. Gerrard Dennis of The Simply Group, who operate 7 online stores, looked at the effectiveness of 360 degree views and video demonstrations. In summary, the 360 degree view gave a 20% increase in conversion over static photographs and video returned a 25% increase. To further support this, saw an increase in sales of a massive 400% on products using video demonstration and a decrease in returns of between 9% and 12%. Statistics not to be sniffed at.

There is a caveat however, the financial investment required to create good quality 360 degree product views or video demonstrations is not inconsiderable. Add to that the need for a well designed website for video to be really effective and you can begin to understand why not all retailers use video yet. There has to be a learning here though, that the more you can do to bring your product to life for consumers, the more likely they are to buy.

Speaking as a consumer, I love video demos - I feel engaged and confident that the product I am buying is what I think it is and the statistics prove that I am not alone. Our tip this week? Trial some video demonstrations and monitor the results!